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CrazyBeaver Software

Offers a wide range of freeware scripts and components produced in-house such as Imager Resizer, Imager Gallery, CrazyBeavers Upload and others.
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Total ASP (ireland)

UK/Ireland ASP portal focusing on sites offering ASP resources and components. The growing database of resources is searchable and features a custom rating system so you can rate components and resources as you use them.
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Our applications use ASP scripting and are built entirely in DreamweaverMX. Dreamweaver users have complete control to customize and extend ALL the application pages using dreamweaver. All applications include pre-configured MS Access database & "built-in" content administration pages.
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dotdragnet ASP

dotdragnet ASP section offers a range of free scripts, articles on asp development, a directory and forums for ASP developers. Currently available scripts include: Poll, Mailing List, Postcard, Password protection and more.
Views: 337    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites provides a resource for free ASP/ASP.NET applications,code snippets and articles. We also have some commercial products. All resources are categorized and easy to find and screenshots are available for most of them as well.
Views: 555    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Pentacle In-Out Board

Pentacle In-Out Board v7.05.0.2302. Pentacle is an in-out board for businesses and organizations that would like to know who's in and who's out of the office. It included exclusive Sick leave tracking system and Vacation Tracking system. You can see who is in, out, busy, sick, vacation, lunch or day
Views: 523    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
ASP developer directory

Introducing The Web Design Lounge! The Web Design Lounge is a directory for buyers of web design and related services. There is never any charge for buyers to browse the directory and compare web designers and request price quotes. Also, it is free for web developers and freelancers to get listed in
Views: 540    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Rami Kattan's WebDev Site

This site is dedicated to Web Development articles, projects, downloads and tips. Currently offers Active Server Pages (ASP) projects, downloads and snippets.
Views: 340    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Hollibush.Com Portal

Here you will find information and tips for the ASP Portal. We have come to really like the Portal and want to develop it in to a great portal system. Brian Gannon (the Author of The original scripts) put a lot of effort into his work. What we do is take his work and see if we can modify it or add
Views: 349    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

Digital-goods Seller is a simple-to-use web program that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your digital-product right away. There’s no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their o
Views: 433    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

Web resource directory for ASP, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more. Also offers a forum if you're having trouble implementing the scripts.
Views: 341    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Active Server Objects

Active Server Objects offers Active Server Pages (ASP) objects, resources, applications, scripts, components, articles/tutorials, links, and more.
Views: 403    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites is a directory of ASP resources. Includes applications, scripts, books, tutorials, software. Users can add and view reviews for any resource.
Views: 342    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites is dedicated to serve all web developers to find best resources. We are not only interested in ASP or .NET, you can find tons of real sources about all developing languages and technologies. You can find more events, news articles and products about Java, Perl, PHP, XML.
Views: 313    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

Siteapps offers ready to use commercial web applications for the Microsoft ASP platform. Currently available apps include: Auction, Calendar, Phone Book, Newsgroups, Content Management, Search Engine, and more.
Views: 336    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Snap Answers Excel Questions

Snap Answers Excel Questions is a web based service that lets you ask questions and get the answers back over the Internet using Microsoft Excel. The advantage to Excel Questions is that you do not have to spend time copying and pasting answers contained in spreadsheets that get mailed back. In fact
Views: 410    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites is a French ASP site with resources, links, components, and more.
Views: 408    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Ecommercemax Solutions

READY TO GO, EASY AND READY TO USE ONLINE STORES for selling your stuff online! Here at eCommerceMax Solutions you can buy an ECommerce ready-made ONLINE STORE that is PERFECT for your retail business. Our professionally developed sites are secure, reliable and fully self-administering. We also prov
Views: 385    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
ASP Resources

A directory of ASP books, development software, jobs, magazine articles, online communities, programmers, scripts & programs, tutorials, and web sites.
Views: 540    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Rod The Robot

Put your database online with 'Rod the Robot'. He's an online programmer who will generate ASP scripts for you instantly and for free. Ideal for web designers who aren't programmers. Very easy to use - just tell Rod the field names and types plus the table and database name and push the 'Go' button.
Views: 338    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Dog Tag Programs - ASP

Free access to useful code and snipplets to add into your ASP files.
Views: 324    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

DevBuilder is a developer forum for all developer, and also offers articles, scripts and everything you could think of. Not limited to ASP, Java, JavaScript, Mac, Window, Linux and so on.
Views: 344    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

Active Server Page code, applications and articles. Also some database and SQL related articles.
Views: 334    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

ASP-World.Com by i2-Services, Inc is a site dedicated to designing, developing, marketing and supporting full featured Web based software products using Active Server Pages. Currently available software include Online test manager, EventCalendar, and more.
Views: 356    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

Site dedicated to the development of ASP, JavaScript and VBScript. Lots of information in the form of FAQ's, Articles and Applications. Custom programming is also available.
Views: 445    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
OnlyFreeScripts - Free ASP Scripts

Free PHP scripts, ASP scripts, Java scripts, tools and utilities availble for download.
Views: 541    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Web Development,OS,Programming,Databases,Networking,Hardware,SEO

Find tutorial, solution, FREE Scripts & source codes,help & advices from Experts on Operating Systems, Programming, Web Development, Applications, Databases, Networking, Hardware, Security,more. YYou can display the tutorials or solutions available in various categories in your site using RS
Views: 379    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Gazatem Technologies & Software

Gazatem Technologies is a webbased groupware company that used by a group of developers who are working on the same site but distributed in space. We specialize in creating web sites that load quickly, are easy to use, and are impressive-looking. Our dynamic website projects and advanced application
Views: 500    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

An online resource for web developers where you can find references to HTML, ASP, browser and database material. You can post or reply to a thread in the forum or check the FAQ. Online documentation can be found in the articles section and you may also submit your own article.
Views: 305    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites was designed with the sole intent of assisting you in learning to use active server pages. By utilizing a mix of free tutorials, fully functional ready to use cut and paste scripts, as well as wizards to generate code ready to use, it will make learning to write and use asp quick and ea
Views: 355    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Popups and Popup Test with free software

No Code, but a great way to test your popup blocker. This is most often used by programmers looking to test their code or popup ads. A list of free popup blockers is also provided.
Views: 337    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
Ocean12 Script Center

Dedicated to providing the internet with free high-quality ASP web applications. Ocean12 aims to produce free web scripts that are as good (or better) than the higher-priced software on the market.
Views: 322    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
G N A S P : The ASP Playground

GNASP.COM is a small but good ASP/ Community. It has got close links in the with the community and shares a lot of the same members. GNASP is growing all the time and will become a great Community, Resource and Playground.
Views: 435    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites has Tutorials, Code Samples, Tips/Tricks, FAQ, and many Resource listings. If you're learning ASP.Net, run, don't walk, to this site!
Views: 417    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

A1VBCode provides a searchable directory thousands of free VB and ASP source code snippets and applications. Also includes Visual Basic forums, book reviews, and more.
Views: 473    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
VisualBasicScript.Com offers Free ASP, VBScript, Visual Basic Script Resources. Download free e-books, this site is constantly updated.
Views: 371    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites is a free online resource for VBscript. It has listing of all the Constants, Errors, Events, Functions, Keywords, Methods, Objects, Operators, Properties, Statements, File System Object with detailed examples for you to use with your development project.
Views: 361    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
iAmAuto Sales

Full source code download - Auto Dealer website, ASP App, allows auto dealer to easily manage their own inventory of vehicles on their website. VBscript, CDONTS, Access Database! Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript
Views: 392    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites
P a l l e

P a l l e is a swedish site that provides a number of free ASP source code snippets and applications for downloading. You can also learn ASP and VBScript by taking som eof the OnLine lessons. P a l l e is constantly being updated.
Views: 314    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites - ASP Web Scripts Directory

Post or search both free and commercial web ASP scripts. Direct homepage and demo links, script ratings, etc.
Views: 359    Price:     Category: ASP Web Sites

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